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sections of Student and Learning Services are particularly important: International Mobility Services and Oppari. Helsinki Airport offers a wide range of options. Read more about sports and recreation and other ways of getting involved. Almost every type of health service a student might need, with the exception of hospital treatment and maternity clinic, are included. The needs of vegans are also catered for. Student flats are typically located close to the campuses or in places with good public transportation.

Johan Nyström Café (gate 13 We offer vegan snacks, like a fruit salad and chia bowl, to go with your coffee. Some of the services are offered by the university, while others such as health care and housing are offered by our partners. The University of Eastern Finland Library is a public scientific library whose services, collections and facilities are open to all information seekers. Oppari's IT advisors are there to help you whenever you run into computer-related trouble. Starbucks ( gate 32, arrivals 2B The recently updated Starbucks food menu includes a vegan falafel hummus salad and a falafel wrap. This is the place to visit for example when you need to register for the academic year or you need a transcript of your academic records. Café Tori (gate 2627 Tori offers a variety of soups every month, some of which are vegan. The lunch buffets selection varies ilmainen yli 50 dating site daily and includes different vegan options. Tapio Café (gates 2425 The café offers tasty fresh vegetable cups and a falafel-hummus salad.