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an unlocated facility between the port of Maricl and the sites. Within the intelligence community there was always at the backs of our minds the knowledge that in the event of a mishap we would have to be able to explain, convincingly and in detail, the justification-in terms of the highest priority intelligence needs-for having undertaken. McCone gave a brief intelligence summary, copy attached. Central Intelligence Agency Memorandum, "The Crisis, ussr/Cuba." (Excerpt) central intelligence agency Memorandum THE crisis ussr/cuba Information as of 0600 ummary contents. All sites now canfirmed are in the Western one-third of the island. And possibly Latin America and the Caribbean areas. At least four months and on the order of 100 voyages by Soviet ships were required to move these forces to Cuba, and their removal would require an equally large effort. 11 Protonuraghe Bruncu Madugui, Gesturi Nuraghe di Santa Sabina, from Silanus, an example of Monotower Nuraghe. Fulbright then stated that in his opinion the blockade was the worst of the alternatives open to us and it was a definite affront to Russia and that the moment that we had to damage or sink a Soviet ship because of their failure.

Also during the course of these meetings, McCone reported to the group and later to the President the results of his discussions with General Eisenhower, as covered in the attached memorandum of October 17th, this subject. Halleck questioned whether we were absolutely sure these weapons were offensive. He said this was just another example of how the CIA estimating processes were not objective and served special interests.

One consequence was that during the pre-October 14 period as information became available on the offensive build-up in Cuba, It was not published by the CIA even in the President's Intelligence Checklist. Seven missile trailers and two missile erectors were identified at the site. We had very few of these planes. Director, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State Johnson, Clarence (Kelly) Chief aircraft designer, Lockheed Aircraft Johnson, Lyndon. The photography shows that current deliveries to Cuba also contain land armaments, including tanks and possibly self-propelled guns. 00 o'clock, McCoae (who had not been called upon for an intelligence appraisal) stated to the President that ha felt certain intelligence should be reported to the meeting prior to the departure of Secretary McNamara as some items observed by the mmunity might prove. McGeorge Bundy and General Lemnitzer of the readout of XS-Z flights showing SA-2 sites, the President called General Carter at 1300, asked how many people had this information, and told General Carter that he wished it put back in the box and nailed tight.

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Vinson tended to review the activities of the Navy with Admiral Anderson and others, insisting that we must be sure that we are going to do enough, that our blockade is going to be effective, and that if we invade, we must invade with great. CIA Information Report, ource: Cuban national, A, 47 years old Source XXX travelled on business throughout the island a great deal. The expected increase in capital imports from the Bloc is unlikely to produce a net growth of the economy before the end of 1963. More Importantly, however, the decisions to restrict U-2 flights had placed the United States Intelligence Community in a position where it could not report with assurance the development of offensive capabilities in Coba. After the meeting in a private conversation with Robert Kennedy, I stated that I elt Cuba was our most serious problem;XXX I also added, in my opinion, Cuba was the key to all of Latin America; if Cuba succeeds, we can expect most of Latin. General Carter informed usib at the 29 August meeting of his conversation with General Lemnitzer. Bundy thought there was a real possibility that Khrushchev may be confused or misled as to the temper of the American people and the intimate concern we all have over Cuba. Hurwitz would meet with.

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