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This is because HAT is typically reserved for opioid users who have proven unresponsive to other forms of treatment, and because it is considered more politically controversial. Results from a German randomised controlled trial, European Addiction Research, vol. Reflecting previous experiences, the recommendations that emerged were public health-led, including a combination of established harm reduction interventions (OST and NSP treatment and social support provision, and a new call to explore HAT. Once again, it became clear that new thinking was needed. DrSanjayGupta: In rehearsal with the extraordinary Renee Fleming! NHS seems to be teetering on a precipice, with everyone ploughing on, but unable to ignore that this is unsustainable without proper funding and better staffing. When they woke up, participants were re-tested and performed better on the sequence that had been played during their nap. This in turn would lead to a corresponding reduction in illicit production, transit and supply and the vast criminal costs they generate. The programmes were explicitly designed and implemented as an empirical investigation.

14 Haasen,., Verthein,., Eiroa-Orosa,.J.,. Indeed, there are already drug-of-choice prescribing programmes for dependent users of amphetamines.16. Participants in the study, published June 26 in the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience, learned two different musical sequences on a computer screen while watching moving circles that went along with them, similar to video games such as Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. Id welled up with tears as I sat in front of a computer trying desperately to remember how to prescribe a drug, paralysed with the knowledge of the harm that could befall my patients if I got it wrong. I then sat at the computer, and wished, as I ham-fistedly hit the keyboard, that I had learned to type properly as a child.