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to Koukaku. Now,what to do with Neneka Make her my pawn. I try to not rage at her What should I do? (Event in Centacus Castle) Liesel has already warned.No matter what,I cant die fighting. Drag the icon from map left-top, to place, you interest - to switch to virtual panorama streets view (exist on streets, marked blue during the drag) more.

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Ask for the alternative techniques to replace Madou weapons? I bring myself close to Eifelia Hold her shoulder. Weisheit For Al,and for Centacus Elfaticia was wrong. 16/ Conquer Zafha.Domagus will die and Alfimia will be save by Neneka.Go back to Centacus and Neneka will ask Alfimia about her lost memories. Should I help Kreis Refuse. If virtual panoramas are not present on the map area, then nothing is marked blue. 14/ Gulandross asks whom among the Three Musketeers that you like. Go ask Felano for help.Wait 1 turn,shell give the receipt to make a Key Item that purify Kreis. If you miss, you will continue to dash forward until the end of the move. Weisheit Lanaheim is strong.Though I want to avoid fighting against them until I sure to win Think Accept the request Refuse to send reinforcements 4/ Marshal Garmus and Bell visit Centacus. E - You dash forward to stab your opponent in a long range.

But regardless, it'd be nice to list what names we should stick.
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